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When Artful Blogging contacted me about writing a piece for their magazine, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about and was really excited about being able to contribute.

Artful Blogging was new to me, but I loved the idea of writers and makers sharing how blogging has changed or impacted their lives.  Plus the format and photography included in it’s pages are just so beautiful… It’s really inspiring.

My blog has been not only a place to share my love of sewing and pretty underthings, but an open journal. As scary as it is sometimes to share our private thoughts, it can be so liberating, especially when you find out you are not alone.

In my article, I wrote about how I’ve found healing through my blog, specifically after my miscarriage, but I think a lot about how therapeutic sharing my mental health struggles have been. Just knowing I am not alone, and that in sharing my struggles, maybe I’ve encouraged one other person to seek help, is encouraging.

Every time someone reaches out to me to talk about their struggles with anxiety, depression, or experiences with loss, it really touches my heart – the fact that strangers are willing to open up or to lend a listening ear. It means a lot to me, and I am so grateful. I’m not grateful for some of the crappy experiences I’ve been through, but grateful for the kind and understanding words you all have extended towards me. The world isn’t such a scary place as it may seem. This is a mantra I keep trying to remind myself of!

If you would like to pick up the issue of Artful Blogging that I am featured in, you can do so here. I had a sneak peek at the pages and it truly is a beautiful publication.


Tired of reading? Watch me on YouTube!

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I’ve wanted to do a FAQ for a while. I always kind of thought I’d write one, but then I had the idea of doing a video! I’m slow to catch onto vlogging but I totally see the appeal. It’s a quick and easy way to share ideas.

My FAQ video goes over just a few questions I receive on a fairly regular basis. I ramble on quite a bit… I’m really good at tangents, but I’m hoping there will be some helpful info in here for lingerie-makers and lingerie-lovers alike.

Maker Style Interview and Mental Health Update

Anxiety, Interviews, Sewing Patterns

Any other podcast addicts out there?

I was really excited when I heard from Rachel at Maker Style a few weeks ago. Her podcast was new to me, but sounded right up my alley. I am absolutely honoured to be the first interview for her Bra Making Month. If you are into sewing, and particularly lingerie making, this series is going to be a must-listen.

You can listen to my interview HERE.

After doing my interview with Rachel those few weeks back, I realized how much my anxiety has improved. I feel like I’ve got a brand new start, but at the same time have this nagging sense of regret about the things I’ve missed out on because of my anxiety. I was able to speak to Rachel openly, and when we went our separate ways, I didn’t analyze every word I had said, second guessing my wording or phrasing and content. I can’t express to you how good this feels.

I’m still struggling with things – particularly fears about Isabel’s well being and my overall sense of self-worth, most notably being my body image. I think these are going to be things I struggle with forever. But, I’ve really found that saying my fears out loud (to people who are supportive) and being open with all of you here has helped (in addition to medication under the guidance of a supportive family physician, and therapist). The things that have changed the most for me are the fact that I now sleep. I have a sleepless night here or there, but not weeks straight of insomnia. I also can sit and play with Isabel, or sew, or watch tv without my brain spinning off uncontrollably in a million different directions.

I hate calling it anxiety. It sound so… stupid. Everyone has anxiety and it actually serves a helpful purpose. What I have is out of control, spinning, tornado fear-for-my-life catastrophic brain-chaos. I just don’t have a proper word for it. So, for now “anxiety” will have to do.